Miles Hammond
Hitchcock, beyond suspense
In serendipitous circumstances my trip to the Basque country a few years ago coincided with, what would become, one of the best exhibitions I've ever visited.

Hitchcock, beyond suspense was held at the San Telmo Museoa between June and October 2017. It was curated by Pablo Llorca, a professor of the History of Cinema and the History of Photography with the graphics being produced by Tata&Friends studio.

This exhibition was exhaustive in its research, selection of archive material and curative approach. It featured five, well-paced, spacious yet captivating rooms showcasing a selection of film extracts, publications, original drawings and even three-dimensional sets for visitors to interact with while the biographical elements were interspersed between vividly engaging supporting reference material.
Not only did this exhibition broadcast some of the iconic moments from a selection of Hitchcock's seminal works, but it showcased a selection of works from another visionary and contemporary of Hitchcock's, Saul Bass. These two artists seemed to have a relationship seen far too infrequently, work that would suffer without the other, paired with a mutual admiration and respect.

This exhibition, in my eyes, can be considered the gold standard, something all others can aspire to emulate, a beautiful and fitting homage to one of the 20th century's finest minds.